One sunny afternoon….

A friend of mine mentions that Haribo sweets can melt in hot cars. With the words barely out of his mouth, we decide to test his theory.

Stage 1 – Haribo, Sun and a Car

Just so happens that I had a bag of Haribo lying around at home. I bring the Haribo in one sunny day; position them in a nice warm part of my dash board. Move my car to the optimum sun catching spot.


3 Hours later…

Nice warm blob of sugar…..


So now that we have a melted bag of Haribo, what should we do with it? Maybe we could make pretty shapes out of it. So the plan is to flatten the Haribo and cut it into nice shapes.


Stage 2 – Actually get it out of the packet


Took 30 minutes just doing that! The Haribo had struck like glue to the bag!


Stage 3 – The melt!

Into the micro for 50 seconds… brings the Haribo to a nice warm temperature for moulding. I stick my spoon in to check the consistency and…


Stage 4 – Hmmmm sticky huh?

Working out that I will never be able to remove my spoon from my Haribo mix, I decide the next stage is to flatten the Haribo mix. What can I use to flatten it with?


Stage 5 – The big freeze

I then spent the next 20 minutes trying to move the Haribo mix from a bowl to a dish. After finally getting the mix spread out on the dish I pop it in the fridge for 10 minutes to cool. Once it cooled it still wasn’t any less sticky.


Stage 6 – The Failure

Trying my hardest to work out a way of moulding this monstrous blob of Haribo mix, I come to the conclusion that nature did not intend Haribo to be moulded by mere mortals. That job should be left to the professionals at Haribo.


Stage 7 – The clean up

How the hell do you get rid of a 450g blob of Haribo mix that sticks to anything it touches? Boiling water! So with kettle in hand and my Haribo monster in the sink I begin the flushing process. Even with boiling water the bugger isn’t going without a fight. So to honour the fighting blob of Haribo, I draw a little smiley face in the mix.


Stage 8 – Still cleaning

After approx 30 minutes of hacking away with boiling water and a knife the evil monster of doom finally is nothing but a sweet smell in the air. That sweet smell however stank out the whole house for the next 2 hours!